Digital Citzenship

digital citizenship badge

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School is a Digital Citizenship Certified School. 

What does it mean to be a digital citizen

According to, a digital citizen is a person who “knows how to harness the power of technology safely, responsibly, and respectfully.”
All Digital Citizens poster
Graphic used with permission from Common Sense Media.

All students, kindergarten through fifth grade will be receiving Digital Citizenship instruction. TJE teachers have access to a free, research-based curriculum through Common Sense Media.  It is important to start talking about making good choices online at a young age to give our students a strong foundation to make good choices as they get older and have more responsibilities and freedom online.  

What can you do at home? 

It is important to have discussions about digital citizenship at home. Talk about your expectations and concerns with your children.

Start by taking a Family Media Agreement with your children. It can help guide your conversation!  

Next, visit for lots of parent resources to use.

Finally, model the behavior you expect your children to exhibit while online!  

Common Sense Media